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[專題演講]Black Feminism and Saving Black Lives|Dr. Irma McClaurin

主講:Dr. Irma McClaurinFulbright Specialist 知名黑人女性主義教授
主持:林怡君 Tricia Lin|族群關係與文化學系Fulbright客座教授
時間:2018/5/29 (Tue) 下午2:10 – 5:00 
地點:原民院 Taluan (A201)
主辦單位: 國立東華大學原住民民族學院原住民族國際事務中心、國立東華大學族群關係與文化學系

2013年起, #BlackLivesMatter 的運動透過社群媒體星火燎原。事實上長期以來,美國社會的族群歧視不曾停歇,許多的運動者及學者都在透過各種倡議和實踐,企圖翻轉,而身為黑人女性主義者的人類學家 Dr. Irma McClaurin,不僅是美國Federal Executive Institute專員與重要學者,更是重要的跨領域女性社會運動實踐暨領導者。 
本次透過本校族群關係與文化學系Fulbright客座教授林怡君教授(Senior Fulbright Scholar/Professor & Director, Women's Studies, Southern Connecticut State University)邀請Dr. McClaurin由東華原民院國際中心與族群關係與文化學系結合「後殖民女性主義」課程,共同辦理公開演講。
讓我們一起透過 Dr. McClaurin 的經驗分享,反思台灣的性別、族群、階級之現況,在對話中找尋可能翻轉的路徑。
Since 2013, #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) has spread as one of the most vibrant intersectional social movements in the United States in recent memories. As a movement, BLM is part of a long history of struggles for racial justice, found in all realms, activist and beyond. Black feminist anthropologist Dr. Irma McClaurin’s life work sits squarely in the history of resistance that fuels BLM: as an interdisciplinary feminist activist scholar that engages social justice movements and addresses justice work in all forms.

At the invitation of Dr. Yi-Chun Tricia Lin (Senior Fulbright Scholar/Professor & Director, Women's Studies, Southern Connecticut State University), Dr. McClaurin will articulate her vision and practices as Black feminist anthropologist. Her public talk is jointly sponsored by College of Indigenous Studies’ Center for International Indigenous Affairs and Department of Ethnic Relations and Cultures.

Please join us for a rich session with Dr. McClaurin as she shares her stories and experiences, which would offer insights and pathways while we ponder gender, race, ethnicity, and class on this land.


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